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Delivery time is up to 3 business days from the moment the order is placed, except for remote localities where arrival times are up to 5 business days and depending on stock. Also, on times when there are exceptional loads, you might experience a delay in delivery (launches of new products, etc.)

For customer service requests, please email info@barbiz.shop.

We aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours.

Please note that this time may be extended during and immediately after launch.

A product can be returned in its original packaging if it is not used.
The cost of returning the product is the responsibility of the customer and no refund will be given for a shipment that has already been made.

Order confirmations may sometimes take up to 24 hours due to high demand. If you did not receive your email order confirmation after 24 hours, please contact us at info@barbiz.shop with your inquiry.

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Product FAQ


Yes, the product meets the Ministry of Health standard.



The product comes in two shades:

A pink shade called mi dulce.

A red shade called besos.

The red hue gives you a tanned look.

The pink hue gives you a flushed and natural look.

It is recommended to apply the product after applying face cream.

If you use make-up, it is best to apply the product afterwards and before applying bronzer.

Yes, both shades of the product have a delicate scent of rose perfume.


No, the gloss is glossy but not sticky. It gives moisture and a pleasant feeling to the lips.

The lip gloss thickens each one to a different degree and so does the level of durability varies from one to another.

You can apply another layer if necessary.

The main ingredient that causes the lips to swell is hyaluronic acid.

Gloss has a delicate vanilla scent.

Lip liner

Two shades.

Dark pinkish brown hue.

Light pinkish brown hue.

Yes, the liner can be sharpened.

Self-tanning cream

The self-tanning cream is durable, but the level of durability varies from one to another.

It is possible and recommended to repeat the application several times a week.

Yes, but it's important to note that the cream does not act as a sunscreen.

The cream may fall on the garment / bedding in the first days and it is recommended to wash what comes in contact with it immediately after.

It is recommended to do an exfoliation before using the cream, especially when the skin is dry.

You can apply the cream on the face, it is important to know the cream before applying and apply very little.

Also, if there are any sensitivities to the facial skin, it is recommended to consult a doctor before applying.

No. It is important to know that the cream is not used as a sunscreen, so apply sunscreen before exposure to the sun.

Eyebrow spray

Yes! The spray fixes hairstyles and is effective for combing the curls in the hair.